Enriching housing and lifestyles for more people

Life is made up of a series of “ARUHI” (Japanese for “one day”).
ARUHI works to help customers, people in the community, business partners and colleagues
working at ARUHI to have a best "One day(ARUHI)" possible.

Financial inclusion

ARUHI enriches the housing and lifestyles of more people through products such as ARUHI Flat 35 provided in partnership with the Japan Housing Finance Agency.

Flat 35 (*1) is a mortgage loan provided by the Japan Housing Finance Agency for the purpose of stable supply of long-term fixed-interest housing funds universally throughout Japan.

  • Persons aged less than 70 at the time of application (applications can also be made at the age of 70 or higher for loans repaid over two generations)
  • Japanese citizens, permanent residents, special permanent residents
  • Persons who satisfy the criteria in the following table for the percentage of annual income used for total annual repayments of all loans (*) (total repayment burden rate) (income may be combined in some cases)
    Annual income Less than 4 million yen 4 million yen or more
    Criterion 30% or lower 35% or lower
    • * In addition to , mortgage loans other than Flat 35, car loans, education loans, card loans (including credit card cashing, installment payments for products, and purchases using revolving payments) (including the portion of combined income earner). Also includes loans for housing to be leased or currently being leased (if the loan is a loan for a rental apartment (loan is for an entire apartment building or dormitory building), this is not included in loans).
  • If the housing subject to the loan or the site thereof is jointly owned, the person applying is required to have a co-ownership interest.

Furthermore, applications may be made in the following cases.

  • If the borrower has recently started a business and a certain period has elapsed
  • If on childcare leave, maternity leave or family care leave at the time of the application
  • * However, continuity of income is checked.

(as of October 2021)

If stable income can be expected based on the above requirements specified by the Japan Housing Finance Agency, ARUHI accepts applications without restrictions on the form of employment or years of employment, and provides loans with the approval of the Japan Housing Finance Agency after performing adequate reviews of the certainty of repayment. Through this initiative, we aim to realize a society in which more people can affluently live how they wish.

  • *1 It cannot be used for funding the acquisition of investment properties such as properties to be leased to third parties.

Customer first
Compliance first

ARUHI believes that improving customer satisfaction is one of the most important management issues. The “customers” ARUHI envisages are not only users of funds for mortgage loans, which is our main business, but also a variety of stakeholders including business partners, local communities and employees.

A CSD (Customer Satisfaction Director) has been appointed directly under the president to make suggestions on customer satisfaction to all meeting bodies and all departments within the company in an effort to improve companywide customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, we have adopted the slogan “compliance first” to enable more customers to correctly use products and services to continue living with peace of mind, and have established systems to enable appropriate operation in accordance with rules through the utilization of technology and the improvement of operations.

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Community initiatives

Starting school life, working as an adult member of society, living with family, having children, enjoying old age...
As a “one-stop homebuying service company,” ARUHI provides mortgage loans to match diverse customers’ needs and services that support each life stage. Furthermore, we are engaged in the vitalization of local communities by using information and know-how on housing and living, and contribute to the promotion of the lives and businesses of our stakeholders.

“Most livable communities Award” initiatives

Holding events

Using the wealth of data obtained by ARUHI through the mortgage loan business, a selection committee made up of experts on housing and real estate selects and announces a ranking of the “most livable towns” every year through a fair review of five criteria of living environment, transportation convenience, educational environment, cost performance and potential development from the perspective of “actually living in the region” rather than admiration or image.

Most livable communities Award Site Most livable communities Award Site

City promotion

City promotions of the top ranked cities are jointly conducted with the relevant personnel in local governments. Banners, street lamp flags and posters communicating the achievement of ranking are displayed in front of stations in shopping areas and restaurants in each town, and efforts are made to enhance the image of the town and foster the formation of civic pride. Furthermore, we contribute to further raising awareness of the top ranked towns by partnering with the media to provide exposure of their appeal on television and the Web.

These initiatives actually lead to increasing the recognition, attention and image of the towns. Coupled with various initiatives by local governments, these led increased revenue due to an increase in the appraised value of land and rising population in Kawaguchi, Saitama, and the first increase in population in Amagasaki, Hyogo in nine years, helping to stimulate local communities.

Most livable communities Award Kawaguchi Most livable communities Award Kawaguchi
Most livable communities Award Amagasaki Most livable communities Award Amagasaki

“ARUHI Magazine”

ARUHI Magazine is a Web publication communicating information on mortgage loans, things to know about money when buying a home, and living new lifestyles for people who are looking for housing.

We will provide content for enriching housing and lifestyles such as how to look for livable communities and buy homes in the new era, how to select mortgage loans and useful information on areas and regions to live in.

Book: “What will change in the COVID era? Things about houses and money that you need to know to avoid losing out”

In addition to the latest interviews with intellectuals such as Hiroyuki Kishi, Heizo Takenaka and Takuro Morinaga, it contains many articles that you should read now selected from “ARUHI Magazine” viewed by 2.2 million readers each month (as of July 2021). A book providing everything you need to know about housing and money in the new era.

ARUHI Magazine ARUHI Magazine
Book: “What will change in the COVID era? Things about houses and money that you need to know to avoid losing out” Book: “What will change in the COVID era? Things about houses and money that you need to know to avoid losing out”