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A Customer-Centric Company Dedicated to Enhancing the Homeownership Experience

ARUHI was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on December 14, 2017. We are extremely grateful for the support and cooperation you have given us until now.

ARUHI continues to develop as a Lifestyle Production Company, with a deep connection to our customers' new lifestyle, centered around home loans.

Our fixed-rate, fixed-term Flat 35 loan has been number one nine years running*1. We also supply an array of other fixed- and floating-rate mortgages at the most competitive rates and fees. We provide omnichannel services through 155 offices (as of end of March 2019) around Japan and online.

ARUHI provides comprehensive support from the search of ideal properties to special offers to support their lifestyles after customers purchase their homes. One offering is our online ARUHI House Search, which draws on big data analysis of prior home purchases by customers with outstanding mortgages to present optimal property information. Another is ARUHI Living Service, which offers a range of exclusive benefits that help customers enrich their lives in their new homes. ARUHI Living Service started with four partner companies at the beginning of 2016, and by December 2018 had expanded greatly to include 72 companies, with the aim of continuing to provide better services to customers.

We will leave no stone unturned in expanding our services to customers and business partners, including by harnessing search robots, data mining, and other advanced technologies to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of clerical processes and screenings.

ARUHI now has relationships with 150,000 home loan customers*2 (as of end of March 2019), and our aim is to use the above offering and other initiatives to further improve this figure.

While functioning as a platform that brings together home purchasers, realtors, financial institutions, manufacturers of consumer goods, and service providers, ARUHI will remain completely committed to enhancing the homeownership experience.

*1 FY 2010 - 2018 statistics on “Flat35” execution volume including refinances (ARUHI's study)

*2 Estimated customer numbers, excluding incidentals from overall servicing claims.

Hiroshi Hamada

Chairman of the board, CEO

Hiroshi Hamada

Hiroshi Hamada, born in Tokyo in 1959, graduated from Waseda University in 1982. He obtained master’s degree in Global Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, the U.S., in 1991.

He started his career at Yamashita-Shinnihon Steamship Co., Ltd. (now Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.) then at AIG Group. In 1993, he joined the project to start up Dell Computer in Japan, which led him to Dell Computer (now Dell) in 1995. There, he spearheaded many new businesses including “Dell Direct Model”.

He was appointed Dell Japan’s President as well as Vice President of Dell HQ in 2000, and his responsibilities expanded to entire North Asia region in 2002, managing Korea, then China in 2003, where he achieved a strong sales growth.

He then moved on to HOYA CORPORATION as COO, where he materialized its merge with PENTAX, and led many global initiatives during the period of 2008-2012.

From May 1, 2015 onward, Hamada leads ARUHI Corporation, as Chairman of the Board, CEO.

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