Building a circular society

As a “one-stop homebuying service company,” ARUHI contributes to the creation of a circular society that passes on and extendedly uses good products through products and services centered on mortgage loans.

Environmental initiatives through mortgage loans

In international society, strengthening energy-saving measures in housing and buildings aimed at the achievement of targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions based on the “Paris Agreement” (effective from November 2016) has become a pressing issue, and addressing global warming and promoting high-quality housing such as advocating the formation of housing stock from the perspective of effective utilization of land and resources has also become a social issue in Japanese government policy.

Furthermore, ARUHI is contributing to the building of a circular society that passes on and extendedly uses good products by increasing the number of loans executed especially for the acquisition of pre-owned properties not only using Flat 35 but also the unique mortgage loan products offered by the Company.

Flat 35 No. 1 in loans executed (*1), helping the acquisition of high-quality pre-owned properties

The Flat 35 all-time fixed-rate mortgage loans with a length of up to 35 years handled by ARUHI are a product aimed at the formation of high-quality housing stock through a partnership with the Japan Housing Finance Agency. ARUHI has been the leader in handling Flat 35 among all financial institutions for 12 years in succession, and as the top runner among financial institutions specializing in mortgage loans, is providing a boost for more people to acquire high-quality housing based on certain technical standards.

  • *1 FY2010 - 2021 statistics on Flat 35 execution volume including refinances at all financial institutions (ARUHI's study as of the end of March 2022)

One in four users of
Flat 35 use ARUHI.

Number of loans executed for
pre-owned properties

* Total of Flat 35, original ARUHI products and
bank agency products (as of March 2021)

Promotion of environmentally friendly housing

Flat 35 includes programs for lowering the initial interest for a fixed period when acquiring housing with excellent properties such as energy saving or quake resistance, and when performing remodeling or renovation to improve performance after acquisition of a property (Flat 35 S and Flat 35 Renovation). ARUHI is promoting the spread of environmentally friendly housing by providing these programs to customers.

Flat 35 S

Support for the acquisition of housing with excellent properties such as energy saving and quake resistance

A program for lowering the initial interest rate of Flat 35 for a fixed period when building or purchasing housing with excellent energy saving, barrier-free accessibility, quake resistance, durability and modifiability.

Eligible properties are confirmed to meet the technical standards specified by the Japan Housing Finance Agency through inspections by third-party organizations.

Flat 35 Renovation

Promoting the spread of renovated housing (remodeling to improve performance*2)

A program for lowering the initial interest rate of Flat 35 for a fixed period when performing renovations (remodeling to improve performance) or acquiring renovated pre-owned housing.

  • *2 Remodeling work that improves the energy-saving, quake-resistances or other performance of housing by a certain amount or more.
Case in which Flat 35 Renovation is applicable (one example)

Issuance of Green RMBS

ARUHI issued the first Green RMBS (*3*4) in Japan, procuring funding for ARUHI Super Flat S (*5) loans for residential properties that satisfy the “technical standards on energy saving.”

Furthermore, ARUHI has established the uses of funds procured through Green RMBS and mechanisms and management systems for procuring funds as the ARUHI Green Finance Framework. The framework was assessed by the Japan Credit Rating Agency as conforming to Green Bond Principles (2018), Green Bond Guidelines (2017) and Green Loan Principles, and received an overall evaluation of “Green 1 (F)”, which is the highest evaluation.

  • *3 See the “Domestic Issuance List” of “Green Loans on the Green Finance Portal” operated by the Ministry of the Environment. (
  • *4 RMBS is an abbreviation of Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities. Refers to securities issued with the backing of residential loan claims. Green RMBS refer to those issued with residential loans for acquiring housing expected to have a high environmental improvement effect as the underlying assets.
  • *5 ARUHI Super Flat S is an original ARUHI product using the mortgage loan insurance (for guarantee program) system (Flat 35 (Guarantee Program)) in which “the Japan Housing Finance Agency paying an insurance claim to a private-sector financial institution when a customer is unable to repay a mortgage loan provided by a private-sector financial institution.” It refers to mortgage loans that use the Flat 35 S system for lowering the initial interest rate for a fixed period for properties that meet the criteria specified by the Japan Housing Finance Agency.